“JPND is a global initiative that is likely to provide breakthrough knowledge about dementia causes, mechanisms, treatment and care. It both stimulates and adds value to national funded research in the area. The more countries that join JPND, the stronger and more successful will this coordinated action become.”

What is the general perception of JPND in Norway?
JPND has been steadily gaining attention as an important international research initiative among Norwegian researchers, as well as among health policy makers and related patient/public organisations.

How are Norwegian researchers performing in JPND initiatives?
Norway has a relatively small research community. Nevertheless, we are pleased to see that Norwegian researchers are doing well in JPND. Several experts have actively contributed in working groups that are developing strategic measures, and Norwegian researchers are participating in successful consortia from five of the six JPND transnational joint calls so far. Norway has several strong and internationally well-known groups on brain research. The opportunities presented by JPND will no doubt attract their attention to research on neurodegenerative diseases.

Are there initiatives in Norway for supporting researchers who wish to apply for JPND funding?
Yes, the Research Council of Norway (RCN) is promoting JPND by providing information and arranging conferences through the relevant national health research programmes. The RCN is also developing a national strategy for JPND research and will create a Norwegian JPND web page. In addition, the Norwegian Health Association, which is a voluntary humanitarian organisation, runs a program supporting research on the causes and mechanisms of dementia-related diseases. This contribution complements nicely the government-funded research in the area.

What do you think is the main benefit for your country in participating in JPND?
In my opinion, participation in JPND has several benefits for Norway. JPND is a well-organised and well-managed joint programme. There are highly competent people at all levels. Being successful in JPND will really enhance both the capacity and quality of Norwegian research in neurodegenerative disorders. Neurodegenerative diseases are one of the greatest medical challenges our society needs to meet, and that can only be done by joint international efforts in research and innovation. In joint research programs we are more likely to meet the common goals in research, discovery and innovation than working alone.

And your Ministry? Are there benefits to being a member of the JPND Management Board?
Being a member of the JPND Management Board means that we have a voice and a vote in discussions on strategic issues and goals, follow-up actions and research priorities. From the perspective of the Norwegian Ministry of Health and Care services, it also gives valuable experience and knowledge of the JPI instrument.

January 25, 2016