JPND Transnational call 2012: “European research projects for the evaluation of health care policies, strategies and interventions for Neurodegenerative Diseases

The following project proposals have been suggested for funding by the Peer Review Panel based on scientific evaluation and by the Call Steering Committee based on budget availability.

Proposals are presented below in alphabetical order according to their acronym.

The supported projects are:  (Click on the project title to view more)

ACTIFCare:  ACces to Timely Formal Care
Coordinator: Frans Verhey, Maastricht University, Netherlands

ALS-CarE: A Programme for ALS Care in Europe
Coordinator: Orla Hardiman, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

CLaSP: Care for Late Stage Parkinsonism
Coordinator: Anette Schrag, University College London, United Kingdom

MEETINGDEM: Adaptive Implementation and Validation of the positively evaluated Meeting Centers Support Programme for people with dementia and their carers in Europe
Coordinator: Rose-Marie Dröes, VU University Medical Center Amsterdam, Netherlands

NEEDS in ALS: Strategies and interventions for vital decisions in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis in different European countries
Coordinator: Dorothée Lulé, University of Ulm, Germany

RHAPSODY: Research to Assess Policies and Strategies for Dementia in the Young
Coordinator: Alexander Kurz, Technical University Munich, Germany