The JPND Scientific Advisory Board has identified precision medicine as a key emerging area in neurodegenerative disease (ND) research. On March 22, 2017, JPND convened a panel of 23 experts to explore the ways in which precision medicine can be applied to ND research and to identify what infrastructure and frameworks are required to achieve this goal.

The aims of the workshop were to provide the following:

  • A view of the research opportunities and challenges to be addressed in applying the
    precision medicine concept to ND, highlighting priorities for action
  • A view of those areas that would benefit most from trans-national cooperation

The final report on the workshop findings is available here.

Participant list: O. Andreassen, R. Balling, M. Breteler, S. Cappa, B. Dubois, A. Dürr, Y. Fong, N. Fox, G. Frisoni, T. Gasser, M. Hofmann-Apitius, E. Moniz-Cook, A. Nordberg, A. Padovani, L. Passante, N. Przulj, O. Riess, C. Ritchie, M. Rossor,  B. Vellas, P. Visser, G. Waldemar, J, Wiltfang.