Animal and Cell Models

It is widely acknowledged that the use of improved animal and cellular models of neurodegeneration will lead to a more complete understanding of the biological basis of disease mechanisms and evolution.

AModels image

In general, existing models do not reproduce all aspects of the human diseases, yet they have provided a significant support to the definition of many disease-associated mechanisms.

A JPND Action Group on Animal and Cellular Models in Neurodegeneration Research met during 2013 and has reported back to JPND.  The group was tasked with:

  • documenting the experimental models currently utilized for the study of specific neurodegenerative diseases and new therapies
  • identifying the shortcomings of the models currently available
  • identifying the need for novel models and lines of intervention

The report provides a broad panorama of the models currently available and a critical overview of their limitations, thereby suggesting lines of intervention within the reach of the JPND community that may include:

  • funding of competitive calls
  • organization of initiatives aimed at harmonizing research activities in this field
  • providing assistance to the scientific community to improve current experimental models

The information provided in the report annexes represent the different models known to the Action Group during 2013. Whereas the listings aim to be as comprehensive as possible, JPND is requesting that any models omitted from the list should contact JPND (secretariat(at) with their information, which will be added when the annexes are updated.

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