CoEN 2017-18 funded projects:

  • Glypican4 as a target for innovative cell-based replacement therapy and as a biomarker in Parkinson’s disease
    Rosanna Dono (France), Mathias Bähr (Germany)
  • Carbon-Model: Carbon metabolism systems analysis for the identification of disease and patient-specific metabolic and energetic defects in neurodegenerative diseases
    Jochen Prehn (Republic of Ireland), Daniele Bano (Germany)
  • Neuropathological and Amyloid peptides differences between Down syndrome and familial Alzheimer’s disease with duplications and missense mutations in APP gene
    Marie-Claude Potier (France), Andre Strydom (UK), Henrik Zetterberg (UK)
  • Gut microbes, Neuroinflammation and Alzheimer’s disease: determining the immunoregulatory role of gut microbiota on brain and behaviour
    Yvonne Nolan (Republic of Ireland), Annamaria Cattaneo (Italy), Sandrine Thuret (UK)
  • Developing preclinical and clinical biomarkers of NRF2 pathway activation for therapeutic application in neurodegenerative diseases
    Pamela Shaw (UK), Antonio Cuadrado (Spain)
  • Investigating chromatin landscapes in neurodegenerative disease models
    Paola Salomoni (Germany), Giovanna Mallucci (UK)
  • Is prion like propagation of alpha synuclein aggregation associated with a ferroptotic cell death
    David Devos (France), Alexander Storch (Germany), Nicola Pavese (UK)
  • Investigating the interaction between ageing and immune dysfunction in LRRK2 Parkinson’s disease
    Michela Deleidi (Germany), Francesca L’Episcopo (Italy)
  • Focused ultrasound modulation of neuromelanin accumulation in a humanized rat model of Parkinson’s disease
    Miquel Vila (Spain), Stéphane Lehericy (France)

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