Activities linked to JPND

This section highlights the activities of European and Global initiatives recognized by the JPND Management Board as relevant for tackling the global challenge of neurodegenerative diseases.


ERA-NET NEURON is a network of ministries and funding organisations across Europe, Israel and Canada that supports basic, clinical and translational research directed at a better understanding of brain diseases and their progression in order to pave the way for new or improved routes for diagnosis and therapy. Read more here

The latest joint transnational calls from ERANET-NEURON in “Ethical, Legal, and Social Aspects (ELSA) of Neuroscience” and Neurodevelopmental disorders  were launched in early January, 2015. Read more here

  • Joint Programming Initiative “More Years, Better Lives”

The Joint Programming Initiative “More Years, Better Lives – The Potential and Challenges of Demographic Change” seeks to enhance coordination and collaboration between European and national research programmes related to demographic change. Areas affected by demographic change cover a wide range of research fields and policy topics ranging from health to social welfare, education & learning, work & productivity to housing, urban & rural development and mobility.  The latest news from JPI-MYBL is available here.

  • Joint Programming Initiative – Healthy Diet for Healthy Life (JPI-HDHL)

The Joint Programming Initiative “A Healthy Diet for a Healthy Life” has been established to coordinate research in the areas of food, diet, physical activity and health in order to achieve tangible societal and health impact and to strengthen European leadership and competitiveness in this field. The latest news from the JPI-HDHL is available here.

Under this umbrella the joint action “Nutrition and Cognitive Function” (NutriCog) aims at promoting research activities that address the interrelation of diet and cognitive function. This knowledge will lay the basis for dietary preventive strategies and recommendations to guide individuals and populations towards health promoting dietary habits. NutriCog will launch a joint transnational call on March 30th, 2015.  To view the call pre-announcement, click here.

  • World Dementia Council 

The World Dementia Council, led by the World Dementia Envoy Dennis Gillings, was formed following the G8 Dementia Summit in December 2013. Council members consist of world leaders in dementia research and members met for the first time on 30 April 2014. Prof. Philippe Amouyel, Chair of the JPND Management Board,  is a member of the council.

The council objectives are to speed up dementia research and to increase investment in the area with primary focus on three areas: Integrated development, Finance and incentives, and Open science.  Read more here.