Alignment of National Strategies

Most JPND member countries have no national roadmap or identified priority actions in the field of neurodegenerative disease research. Those member countries who do, take different approaches:

  • Specific research programmes
  • National plans targeted to an individual disease (e.g. Dementia)
  • National plans comprising research, service delivery, or both

JPND is working to align specific areas of existing strategies relevant to neurodegenerative diseases, and also has a programme of actions aimed at encouraging countries to develop new research strategies.

Several countries are now processing strategic research agendas for neurodegenerative diseases (e.g. Denmark, Finland, Italy, Ireland). These national research strategies will both inform their countries’ participation in JPND, and will focus resources on tackling neurodegenerative diseases nationally, aligning with the European Research Strategy.

Emerging national JPND-related strategies

Several new national strategies have made specific references to JPND and are seen as the national vehicles for participation in JPND:

The Netherlands

Research is a major theme as part of the National Deltaplan for Dementia

the Deltaplan will follow closely the JPND strategic research agenda and will strengthen the international position of the Netherlands for both research and industry

Edith Schippers, Minister for Health, Welfare and Sport, The Netherlands 


An Irish national SRA for neurodegenerative diseases has been developed to inform participation in JPND.

In addition, Irish researchers have used their participation in the JPND Alignment Action on biomarker optimisation to initiate a national network in biomarkers for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

United Kingdom

David Cameron’s “Prime Minister’s challenge on dementia” includes specific references to continued support for COEN and JPND research.