CoEN 2015: Pathfinder II funded projects

  • Towards a unifying theory of Parkinson’s disease: Investigation of the biochemical and genetic role of Rab GTPases
    Dario Alessi (UK), Miratul Muqit (UK), Thomas Gasser (Germany)
  • Protection of neurons in vitro and in vivo from Synuclein toxicity by molecular tweezers
    Erwan Bezard (France), Carlos Matute (Spain), Richard Wade-Martins (UK)
  • Decoding Presymptomatic white matter changes in Huntington Disease (WIN-HD)
    Alexandra Durr (France), Sarah Tabrizi (UK)
  • Synaptic correlates of learning and memory dysfunction analysed by super-resolution STED microscopy in the hippocampus in vivo
    Martin Fuhrmann (Germany), Daniel Choquet (France)
  • GWAS in AD: focus on microRNA
    Sébastien Hébert (Canada), Jean-Charles Lambert (France), Luc Buée (France)
  • BAFF/APRIL in the central nervous system
    Bertrand Huard (France), Stefan Lichtenthaler (Germany)
  • Therapeutic targeting of impaired lysosomal flux in Alzheimer’s disease
    Cora O’Neill (Republic of Ireland), Rebecca Sims (UK)
  • Novel control of MT5-MMP on amyloidogenic and inflammatory pathways: validation in human iPSCs from Alzheimer patients and potential therapeutic perspectives
    Santiago Rivera (France), Alexander Dityatev (Germany)
  • Identifying effectors of mutant C9Orf72 ALS/FTD to combat neurodegeneration
    Kevin Talbot (UK), Georg Haase (France)
  • Using C. elegans to understand seeding and spreading of tau aggregation
    Rebecca Taylor (UK), Della David (Germany)
  • Mito-ND: Mitochondrial Neurodegeneration
    Massimo Zeviani (UK), Peter Heutink (Germany)

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